Let’s pause art and talk people.

I really liked my family and my new wife.

But I LOVED advertising. I couldn’t wait to get up in the morning and go to work. And I loved working late. 

Made me feel valuable. 

For a young person with low self esteem, making art  made me feel worthy.  So I not only had to do good art, I had to do great art. I had to win awards. I had to get recognition. 

Work at the hot shop. Work with the best talent. 

So excuse me if I don’t talk about my wonderful kids and grandkids. They are indeed wonderful. I’m gonna skip the part about the mess I made of my marriages and other relationships. They were indeed a mess.

Let’s get back to my art.

I think I did pretty good with my art.

(For the people part, talk to my daughter Sarah. She says she’ll make a cool Ken Burns video with appropriate music and  family pictures. Make sure you tell her you liked it.)