Early art.

I spent most of my professional life in the art business. I didn’t want to be an artist. I wanted to be a chemist. 

I knew chemistry out my ass. I wanted to created space age metal alloys like Vibranium and silicon transistors 

like Iron Man in Marvel comics. 

I  voraciously read chemistry books in grade school. On the first day of high school chemistry class, my teacher gave us a little test. He gave us the abbreviations of all the elements on the periodic table and asked us to name the element. 

I correctly named about 80 of 103. The next nearest person had about 20. Pb is lead. Stands for plumbum. Which ancient romans made their water pipes out of. Thats why it’s called plumbing. I knew all that shit. But on career day, 

I went to visit a guy with a chemistry degree who worked for an oil refinery in East Chicago. His job was to check the purity of the chemicals coming out of the fractionating towers. He did that all day long. Five days a week.

Not for me. Chemistry transmuted into art. 

Art like in Marvel comics.

Senior year sketches below.